Schick Quattro “Girls’ Guide To Dating”

Advertising, Development, Mobile, Promotion, UI/UX, Video Production

Media: Match.com
Brand: Schick Quattro for Women
Agency: Colangelo
Services: Creative Direction, Content & Video Production, Microsite, Media and Promotion 


***OMMA Awards Finalist: Best Advertising/Promotion Web Site/Microsite campaign.
Objective: Raise brand awareness and shift perception with target audience of women, ages 16 to 28.
VisualMax helped plan and fully produce an integrated campaign focusing on women’s dating to connect with Schick’s target audience while in the act of dating on Match.com.
Creative direction featured casting “Juliette, the Girl’s Guide to Dating” a dating guide that served as an expert on all things dating.  A video series featuring a dating couple created engaging content housed on site and distributed for viral reach.
Interactive features included a mobile “date saver” where users could schedule an automated call from Juliette to get out of a date gone wrong.   A date reminder email service, dating game and a thematic sweeps promotion that distributed 50,000 free Quattro razors via product sampling.   The campaign included multiple offline events with RSVP via the microsite to help build awareness during the eight-month campaign.
The campaign so successful it was was selected as an OMMA award finalist and runner-up.  And Schick re-signed with IACAS and Match.com for a second campaign the following year to extend and expand on the creative media campaign.