VisualMax Privacy Policy

VisualMax, LLC Privacy Policy

(last revised: April 5, 2017.)

VisualMax, LLC is a company which helps other businesses operate sweepstakes, contests and promotions (“Promotions”). In addition, VisualMax occasionally runs its own Promotions. Such Promotions gather personally identifiable information from those individuals who choose to enter a particular Promotion and anonymous data regarding the Promotion itself. VisualMax takes its privacy obligations both to its clients and to people who enter its Promotions very seriously. VisualMax adheres to the Safe Harbor Principals as established by the European Commission and the United States Department of Commerce.

This policy outlines our treatment of the personally identifiable information we collect on behalf of our clients and for our own use. There are three types of Promotions in which VisualMax is involved: 1) Client Promotions; 2) VisualMax “Opt-in” to Client Promotions; and 3) VisualMax Promotions.

Client Promotions: As a full service promotions and sweepstakes agency, VisualMax operates Promotions on behalf of its clients. As part of those services, VisualMax collects personally identifiable information for its clients by the use of VisualMax’s proprietary technology online and VisualMax mailboxes and points of entry offline. VisualMax collects such personally identifiable information solely for the use of its clients and the operation of the Promotion. VisualMax does not use any of the data collected itself, other than to notify potential winners and for prize fulfillment purposes in connection with a Promotion. VisualMax does not consolidate data across Promotions, does not maintain data beyond the conclusion of client Promotions (other than for back-up purposes on its client’s behalf), and does not “monetize” data collected on behalf of its clients in any manner whatsoever. VisualMax strictly limits access to all personally identifiable information within its organization and data is never shared outside of the company for any reason whatsoever (with, of course, the exception of appropriate governmental or legal requests). Personally identifiable information collected from different client Promotions is never mingled nor shared with anyone other than the client on whose behalf the information was collected. Personally identifiable information collected by VisualMax on behalf of a client belongs solely to the client and will be used solely in accordance with that particular client’s privacy policy. An individual’s desire to “opt-out” of receiving marketing or other information from a client will be handled in accordance with a particular client’s privacy policy. VisualMax requires its clients, by contract, to use the data which VisualMax collects on its behalf in accordance with generally accepted privacy standards for both offline and online data, which includes an “opt-out” method for individuals who have provided personally identifiable information. Ultimately, however, VisualMax is not responsible for data collected on behalf of its clients when such data is in its client’s possession. Where VisualMax operates one Promotion on behalf of multiple clients, the use of the personally identifiable information by all of the companies involved will be clearly outlined by a privacy policy created for that Promotion.

VisualMax “Opt-in” to Client Promotions: From time to time, VisualMax and one of its clients will agree to allow VisualMax to offer entrants to a Promotion an opportunity to “opt-in” to receiving marketing information from VisualMax and its partners. In such cases, on the Promotion registration page, an VisualMax “opt-in” question will appear clearly explaining to potential entrants that by checking the box they would be agreeing to share their personally identifiable information with VisualMax. If there is not an VisualMax “opt-in” question on the registration form, VisualMax will not share or use any of the data collected whatsoever. When individuals “opt-in” to receive information from VisualMax, they are agreeing to receive email and other notices from VisualMax, including marketing messages, surveys, special offers and notices about other Promotions. Such notices may come from VisualMax itself, companies with whom VisualMax has a business relationship and/or VisualMax clients. If you want to “opt-out” of receiving such notices from VisualMax after you have “opted-in”, or you wish to correct the information you have provided to VisualMax, you may do so in one of two (2) ways:

1. Send email to In the Subject Line of the email, you must write the name of the promotion from which you wish to opt-out.

2. Call 212.925.2938 ext 24.

VisualMax Promotions: VisualMax also runs Promotions on its own behalf. Such Promotions are to generate interest from other businesses in VisualMax’s products and services. VisualMax uses the personally identifiable information collected in such Promotions as sales leads and may contact the individual registrants by email, mail or phone to discuss the registrant’s interesting retaining VisualMax. VisualMax will never sell such information, share it with another business or use it for any purpose other than marketing VisualMax’s own, core business. If you want to “opt-out” of being contacted by VisualMax after you have participated in one of its Promotions, or you wish to correct the information you have provided to VisualMax, you may do so in one of two (2) ways:
1. Send email to In the Subject Line of the email, you must write the name of the promotion from which you wish to opt-out.

2. Call 212.925.2938 ext 24.

VisualMax’s Online Promotion Technology: VisualMax’s proprietary Promotion technology has the ability to collect data other than personally identifiable information for any of the three (3) kinds of Promotions it operates online. VisualMax may collect information about your computer configuration, such as your browser type, operating system, or ISP domain name. VisualMax may collect information about the site you last visited prior to the Promotion or about your activity during your visit to the Promotion site. This information will not reveal your personal identity (it is anonymous), may be used by VisualMax to administer the technical and operational aspects of this site, and may include using your IP address to help diagnose problems with our server. Your IP address may also be used to gather broad demographic information for aggregate use. VisualMax may use cookies (a piece of data stored on the user’s hard drive containing information about the user) to assist in performing some or all of these activities and also to limit your ability to play a Promotion more times than appropriate. You can set your browser to accept all, some or no cookies. If you set your browser to reject all cookies, you may be limited in your ability to access some or all aspects of a particular Promotion.

Special Note about Children: Unless otherwise specifically indicated, VisualMax Promotions are not available to anyone under the age of 13. VisualMax does, however, operate some Promotions on behalf of its clients which collect personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13. In such instances, VisualMax and its clients comply fully with all aspects of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”) in the operation of the Promotion, the collection of the information itself and in the subsequent use of the data collected. No personally identifiable information will be collected from children under the age of 13 without parental consent in compliance with the COPPA guidelines.

Contact VisualMax: If you wish to contact VisualMax to correct, amend, or delete information (if VisualMax is holding on to your information as explained above), about Privacy related issues or for any reason at all, you may do so by contacting at:

1. Mail to:
Privacy Policy c/o VisualMax, LLC
630 Ninth Ave Suite #414
New York, NY 10036

2. Email to:; or

3. Phone to: 212.925.2938

Material Changes to Policy: VisualMax may make material changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time. Therefore, you should periodically visit this page to view the current Privacy Policy. In the event of a material change to this Privacy Policy, VisualMax shall send an email advising of the change to all those whose email addresses we have collected and retained pursuant to the terms set forth above.